WWOOFers generally spend about half a day on a host farm, learn about sustainable agriculture, and receive room and board - with no money exchanged between hosts and WWOOFers. If you are under 18 years of age, a legal guardian must accompany you. Children and pets are welcome at many farms, just be sure to ask the host farmer before arriving or use our advanced search options in the online directory, available to members only.

WWOOF-USA® cannot help to obtain a visa. You are responsible for your travel and/or student visa. While you are visiting the States, we hope you may be able to join WWOOF and participate in a cultural and educational exchange in an agricultural community.   The United States Embassy grants temporary visas to those individuals who want to enter the United States. Applying for a visa should be done as soon as possible as it can take several months depending on the embassy in your country. It may benefit you to first secure your visitor visa, and then join WWOOF-USA®.  For more information on visas, please read carefully the Frequently Asked Questions (#9) of the website.

Please keep in mind that WWOOF is not paid work.  Hosts do not offer monetary compensation.  WWOOF is a way to participate in a worldwide movement to connect interested visitors with sustainable farmers in an educational and cultural exchange. 


When you become a member of WWOOF-USA®, you will receive instant access to the Online Directory of more than 1,600 host farms in the US, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.  Optionally, you can also receive the printed Directory of Host Farms in the mail.  Expect about 7-10 business days for the printed directory to arrive, longer if you live outside of the US.  Either way, a WWOOF-USA® membership will generate an online member profile, which you can update with photos, comments, and more, and which hosts can view to confirm your membership to the organization.


  • $30 for the Online Directory only or
  • $40 for the Online Directory, plus the Printed Directory mailed to you.

We do not offer group memberships.  We are a non-profit organization, and all membership dues go towards producing, maintaining, and incorporating your feedback to provide an accurate and up-to-date Directory of Host Farms.  

Please be aware that when you sign up for WWOOF-USA®, you assume responsibility for any risks. We encourage you to get traveler, medical, or other adequate insurance.

WWOOF-USA® memberships are valid for one year; remember to renew. Also, keep in mind that the Online Directory is updated daily, and the printed version is printed twice a year - therefore, the Online Directory will always be the most accurate and up-to-date.


If you want to receive a refund within 30 days, please let us know and, if applicable, mail your directory back to us. We will cancel your membership and refund your payment.


Once you receive access to the directory, contact the farm(s) where you are interested in WWOOFing. You may need to reserve a place well in advance of your arrival.  Please keep in mind that there are thousands of active WWOOFers, and you may have to do some work to find an appropriate host with space for you. Check with hosts if you have special needs, such as diet, or if you are interested in bringing children or pets. Discuss food and accommodations, the length of your stay, and daily expectations.  The key to a mutually beneficial experience is clear and open communication about expectations prior to a farm stay - we recommend using the telephone to get to know one another and discuss arrangements. 

After logging into the WWOOF-USA website as a member, you will have access to advanced search functions for key words, along with complete farm profiles including full contact details, comments from previous WWOOFers, and ratings about their experience on that particular farm. In addition, we have online Forums for the WWOOF community to share information and conversations - a great place to expand your knowledge about WWOOFing.

With more than 1600 farms in the directory, you are sure to find something right for you.

What do I need to go WWOOFing?

  • A great attitude. flexibility, and a sense of adventure
  • Travel or medical insurance (encouraged)
  • Transportation to and from the farm, unless otherwise arranged with host prior to visit
  • Travel funds to and from the host farm
  • Appropriate attire - boots, farming clothes, sun protection, hat, etc.  Ask your host about any other suggestions.
  • Identification such as passport or license 
  • A willingness to participate and learn from hosts about organic agriculture


Make sure that your initial email or phone call to your desired host farmer is personal and considerate, showing that you read over their farm profile carefully. Include personal details about yourself, why you are WWOOFing, and why you chose to contact that particular host in this initial communication. We strongly discourage sending mass or generic emails to hosts, as the host will likely recognize this as impersonal, and may choose not to respond.

Hosts check member profiles and are more likely to respond to those who have detailed and complete profile pages. Please make sure to complete your membership profile and check back frequently to make sure it is accurate and up-to-date, and ask hosts you have met to leave comments and feedback on your profile. 

Once you make an agreement with a host, show up when you are expected.  The number one problem we hear from hosts is from WWOOFers not showing up when they say they will be there. Hosts are counting on your arrival to complete projects and they are probably turning away other WWOOFers in order to hold your spot. Please let hosts know as far in advance as possible if your plans have changed.  If you are a 'no-show', hosts may leave comments on WWOOFer profiles indicating this, and in the Forums for other hosts to read. This could negatively affect your future ability to find a good host match - so please, show up when expected and let the hosts or us know if you have any problems. 

Have questions?  

Try reading the FAQs or feel free to contact us directly at