Farm apprenticeships grow in popularity


Farm apprenticeships grow in popularity

A growing number of people are opting for cheap farm getaway vacations.

It's apple season on Christina Allen's organic homestead farm, and as she trudges through her orchard, she grabs a piece of fruit from a tree and tests it for ripeness, "It's 90% ready -- we could make cider," she says.

One of Allen's inquisitive turkeys stares longingly at the core, "That's Wilma! Hi Wilma! What do you think of this one, Wilma? Is it good? Yeah, she likes it!"

Allen isn't just out testing the fruit, she's teaching two farm hands how to harvest. "Take any apples off so its stripped clean of apples just look around," Allen instructs.

The farm hands -- Bob Geisel and Erin Salsbury -- get up at 6am, they weed, they harvest, process applesauce and make vinegar, they spend some time with the chickens. Yet, these aren't farm hands like from a John Steinbeck novel, they're doing this for fun and are interested in starting their own organic farm.  

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